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    Edible Crickets

    • Premium Member
    • Food Production

    Grig is a Czech company that produces food from crickets because crickets are a more sustainable source of protein and nutrition. They offer a variety of snacks such as cricket flour, cricket protein bars, and Cricket Chips. Why Crickets? Insects in general are considerably more climate-friendly to produce than livestock.



    Personal & Business Growth

    • Premium Member
    • Education

    The GrowJOB educational institute focuses on enhancing the internal motivation, work efficiency, and overall satisfaction of individuals and employees within various companies. They apply the latest scientific findings, primarily derived from the fields of neuroscience and behavioral economics, and put them into practical use. Their efforts contribute to the co-creation of valuable companies, thereby playing a significant role in the advancement of a prosperous Czech Republic.



    Healthy Organic Snacks

    • Premium Member
    • Food Production

    McLloyds is an F&B company based in Slovakia that specializes in producing healthy and organic snacks. Their products are incredibly nutritious, making them suitable for consumption from the age of 7 months and up. Moreover, the company is dedicated to minimizing their CO2 footprint by sourcing local ingredients grown in Europe, thereby avoiding emissions from shipping processes.



    Fighting for a World Beyond Fossil Fuels

    • Non-Profit Organisations

    350 is a global movement of ordinary people who are working towards ending the use of fossil fuels and creating a world powered by renewable energy that is centered around communities. Their mission is to build a grassroots climate movement that can hold leaders accountable to scientific realities and principles of justice. They advocate for a deeper transition that prioritises energy justice. By organising grassroots campaigns worldwide, they use the power of people to dismantle the fossil fuel industry’s influence and infrastructure and to establish clean systems based on justice.


    sustainability consulting

    • Environmental Services

    3Degrees aims to empower organizations and individuals to combat climate change. They work with global Fortune 500 companies and other partners to achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals. With expertise in sustainability consulting, environmental markets and more, they develop innovative solutions that align with their clients’ objectives. They have been recognized as a B Corp for their work.


    CRUST Group

    transform food waste into beers

    • Beverage production
    • Circular Economy

    CRUST Group is a dedicated advocate against food waste, leading the upcycled food movement. They transform food waste and losses into innovative products like CRUST beers and CROP non-alcoholic beverages for food service and retail partners, contributing to a circular economy.


    Tech Mahindra

    technology solutions for sustainable business

    • IT Services & IT Consulting

    Tech Mahindra pioneers innovative and customer-centric technology solutions. They aim to foster sustainable businesses, promote equality, and create value in communities. With over 148,000 professionals across 90 countries, they serve 1255 global clients, including Fortune 500 companies, focusing on next-gen technologies like 5G, blockchain, metaverse, quantum computing, and AI for digital transformations.



    plastic-free personal care items crafted from paper

    • Cosmetics, Skin Care & Personal Care

    Effa produces entirely plastic-free personal care items crafted from paper. Their goal is to replace plastic disposable products with environmentally friendly alternatives. This commitment has led to the establishment of Effa, a company dedicated to simplifying everyday life while prioritizing the well-being of the planet.


    686 – Technical Apparel

    • Clothing & Textile
    • Retail Apparel & Fashion

    At 686 Technical Apparel, sustainability is not just a destination but a way of behaving that aims to lessen our impact on the planet. They are committed to the fair and equitable treatment of everyone along their supply chain. Their commitment to people and the planet guides them. They strive to create innovative products that help you reach your summit while minimising your environmental impact. They believe that informed decisions and hard work can help reduce our collective impact on the environment, so that future generations can enjoy the same natural beauty we do today.


    80,000 Hours

    Making Your Career Impactful

    • Non-Profit Organisations

    80,000 Hours is a charitable organisation that aims to help individuals make the most of their working lives by providing guidance and support for those seeking to make a positive impact on the world. Their focus is on longtermism, which prioritises the well-being of future generations. They offer a variety of free resources, including a career guide, podcast, job board, and personalised advice, to help people find fulfilling and impactful careers. Their ultimate goal is to enable as many people as possible to use their 80,000 working hours to make a meaningful difference in the world.

    918 Coffee

    ethical practice in coffee supply

    • Beverage production

    918 Coffee is the highest scoring B Corp Coffee business in the World. They have been dedicated to the development and roasting of exceptionally responsible coffee sourced globally. They have also created their proprietary roasting technology. Their commitment to outstanding coffee is matched only by their dedication to environmental concerns, which has evolved into their fundamental ethos.


    A to Z Wineworks

    sustainable wine

    • Beverage production

    Established in 2002, A to Z Wineworks embodies Oregon’s essence and ethical commerce. They value excellence, collaboration, and a can-do spirit. Recognized as a top Oregon business, they’re one of the state’s largest wineries, having achieved Oregon’s first Impact Hot Brand title and remained Best for the World certified B Corp status since 2014. They actively support 50+ Oregon vineyards, advocating sustainable and traditional farming.



    Healthcare Solutions

      Aboca, an Italian healthcare company, is dedicated to enhancing human health and environmental well-being. They create 100% natural and biodegradable products, drawing inspiration from nature while prioritizing the human body and the planet. With a Systems Medicine approach, they have been reevaluating health for over 40 years, exploring complex body mechanisms and finding solutions in nature. Aboca’s integrated system encompasses organic farming, scientific research, and production, ensuring natural molecular complexes from plants without artificial substances.



      Supporting Local Food Initiatives for a Better Future

      • Agriculture and Food Systems

      Actions4Food is an organization that supports local food initiatives and empowers communities to promote sustainable food systems. They collaborate with local partners to implement projects that increase access to healthy food, decrease food waste, and encourage sustainable agriculture. Their objective is to establish a fairer and more sustainable food system for everyone.

      Ada Ventures

      Inclusive VC

      • Venture Capital/ Investment management

      Ada Ventures is a UK-based venture capital firm that concentrates on funding early-stage startups and providing assistance to underrepresented founders, especially those from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities.The firm’s main objective is to create a positive societal impact by investing in companies with innovative and socially responsible concepts. They actively seek out startups that are addressing major challenges and making a meaningful difference in sectors such as technology, healthcare, sustainability, and others.

      Member and Partner of

      VAB is a global, boutique-style community where experts seeking board advisor, NED and board roles can come together to network, learn and connect.

      Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a high-quality support network of 14,000+ like-minded leaders across 61 countries. We help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential.

      VOYAGERS is a community of 3,000+ impact-focused people from 40+ countries who commit to helping each other. We have specialist groups in health tech & climate-tech, working to solve some of today’s biggest challenges.

      Support the Goals is an initiative to reward businesses for supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

      AIESEC is an international youth-run and led, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences.

      Gaingels is amongst the largest investors in the world aiming to deliver consistently above-market returns, while increasing visibility, representation, and access for all underrepresented communities in venture capital.

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